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At Karma, Luck and Psychic Insights, Natalie offers clients a variety of healing services including Angel Card Readings, Aura Cleansings, Chakra Balancing, Life Coaching, and Reiki Healing 



Natalie is rated the #1 Psychic in the US with an amazing accuracy rating of 99.8%. She has also been certified through the Federal Government and worked on several cases in unsolved murders.

Natalie’s readings are very in-depth, she will provide dates, times, places, and even names! She has been heard and seen all over the world, through radio and television. She is called the Celebrities Psychic by her large Celebrity following.

Known to be very honest in her readings, whether it’s good or bad She’ll share if there is something bad coming because you can avoid it by making better decisions. 

Natalie's compassion is to help people heal by releasing any negative energy around them. Such as broken heart, illness, disorder, addictions, confusion, karma, etc..

She also helps people manifest positive energy into their lives such as. Drawing love soul mates, good health, better jobs, better finances, fertility. Pretty much anything is possible with good intentions!

She has mastered the art of metaphysical and new age Shaman Energy Healing & Spiritual Energy Balancing. She can proudly say her spiritual healing techniques are unique, and you will notice this when using her service. Her healing programs are for people who are very serious and ready to commit time to


Change the circumstances in their life into a positive reality of living their best life! 

Her spiritual methods are very safe, effective, and completely natural. She DOES NOT WORK with any type of Voodoo, Hoodoo, Rootwork, Wicca, Black Magick, Witchcraft, or anything that may be forceful or negative in nature. She is a healing expert and provides effective results that are karmically correct and balanced. 

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