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Balancing chakras is something everyone should do from time to time When life brings us down it’s like there is no energy left to get up and move again. Balancing your chakras will help a better flow of energy and help you gain clarity, peace, and strength once again. 

The energy balancing treatments she provides seek to release mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual blockages to restore proper energy flow along the meridians to the chakras. It also helps bring you into resonance with your soul purpose in order to help break repetitive and unproductive patterns in your life, heal your body, mind, and spirit.

Along with life coaching sessions, you can continue to improve your life with spiritual healing at The Psychic Crystal. 



You get angry over petty things 

Your relationships at home/work are starting to fail 

You're feeling unwell with no real reason to back it up

Romantic relationships end for no reason

You suspect an enemy or someone close is wishing bad upon you

You're losing money & your business/job is falling apart

You can't sleep at night or wake up between 3 a.m. & 5 a.m.

You're frequently having terrifying dreams and nightmares

You have felt or seen 'something' when it's not there

Lack of energy to live life or go about your day.

Negative or depressive thinking, emotions, or behavior

Feeling disconnected and isolated from others

Feeling disconnected from the Creator or Higher Power


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