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“You have changed my life profoundly. You have opened the greatest spiritual journey of my life to me, and I am so grateful to be on this path. Truly, I thank God every day for you. A happy healthy year to you and yours, with love.” — Julie Miller




“Please let me tell you how grateful and humbled I feel to have been given the gift of my time with Natalie today. It is true that many of my questions were answered without my having to ask; some of them were truly answered “out of the blue”, where Natalie and I were not even talking about the topic I had a question about, and she offered the answer to me. Wow, I would say that I am amazed, yet somehow I am not…I guess the word “amazed” suggests disbelief to me, and that I do not sense at all.

Natalie, you are a beautiful and warm soul. I appreciate that you shared your gift with me. Sincerely.” — Amy Moore


“My experience with you made me a believer in your work! I was a none believer when I first came to see you, After the first 5min. of our reading I was truly Amazed!! You knew things you could have never known. You helped me in so many ways, Thank you so much. I look forward to our next visit. God bless.” — Alvin Brewster


“I was really lost in my life I thought I would never find anyone to love. After seeing Natalie she was able to help me learn spiritually what was going wrong and how it was stopping me from getting what I wanted. Thank you so much Natalie now I’m married very happy and planning a family! Thank you.” — Lisa Collins


“When I first contacted Natalie, I had not had a psychic reading in 30 years. I was looking for some directions and ideas that might inspire this retirement phase of my life, after 34 years of teaching middle school. I had no idea that this would be a spiritually-changing experience with God, through Natalie. She has, lovingly, guided me through the negativity. A sadness that that I have struggled to ignore all my life. She is a humble guide and a loving energy.” — Meda Logan


“Natalie young is in my opinion THE BEST!! Everything she told me was so true! And I didn’t say a word but my name! And everything she predicted came out to exactly what she said!!! Down to the day , she told me I would be married April 12 2009 and that was the day my husband now proposed and 1 year later we married on that day! Natalie made me a believer and her # 1 fan. Thanks for everything Natalie.” — Sara Walsh


“I was definitely a sceptic, never believed in psychics. After a readi ng with Natalie I will never say ( there is no such thing ) she told me about a childhood memory that I had blocked out because of the trauma it has caused to me and my family. Not relizing I was self consciously living in this fear. She helped me relize that and now I’m a different person! I can live and feel free and not scared to love or be loved. She had no way of knowing that. She helped me remember this And then helped me with it. she is truly gifted and amazing! She has my vote!” — Tom Bradshaw


“No wonder why she is a celebrity psychic! Celebrity’s use the best and she truly is the best! She was right on the head with everything. She went straight to the point no jibber jabber blah blah. She was direct and str eight forward. I liked that she was honest even though it might have not been what I wanted to hear she told me the truth and helped me accept it. And direct me in the right direction. Now I see it was a blessing for me to be able to have the chance to work with Natalie. ” — Judy Moore


“Natalie is not only a beautiful person on the outside but beautiful on the in side too. She is very understanding and try’s to help guide people in the right direction. She really takes as much time as needed to help someone even if it’s taking away from her time. I think that was just beautiful we need more people like Natalie in this world!” — Leaha M.


“I had a reading done with Natalie about a month ago, and man was she right I met someone exactly the way she said I would :)

She said I would marry this guy, it’s only been a month I know but we are already talking about marriage ! When you just know you just know :) I just want to say thank you so so very much Natalie without you guiding me where to be at the right time I would not be with the love of my life!  Yours truly” — K.K.


“ I had a reading done with Natalie (what turned out to be AMAZING). And then we did some energy work together WOW is all I can say! Not only did doing this energy work helped me manifest love into my life, but it also helped me learn how to manifest pretty much anything into my life. I’m all around a much happier successful person. Thanks Natalie” — Bob Lover


“November 16th, 1999 was one of the happiest days of my life. The man that I gave my heart to, asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. After saying “yes,” I immediately called my dad. I could hear the tears of joy echo through the phone. Not even a month later, I awoke to my phone ringing early in the morning. My brother told me that my father was dead. I spent the next year grieving in ways that I never imagined. How could my healthy father just die? Why would this ever happen? I never even got to say goodbye… A friend suggested that I talk to a psychic medium, Natalie Young. Without hesitation, I made my appointment. I never thought about mediums before. I didn’t even know if I believed in them. But, I had nothing else to hold on to. In a soft voice, “Please state your whole name.”  “Tracy Thomas ,” I said. After that, I felt as if I was having an intimate conversation on the couch with my dad. I was told detailed things about our family and lives that very few would know. As strange as it sounds, as soon as she told me that my dad was showing her “circus peanuts,” I knew this was something beyond comprehension, beyond this human world, beyond me. When my first reading was done, I finally had my sense of closure. Since my dad died, I have had five readings. Each one has been better than the previous. I was told, “Congratulations, you are having a baby,” only minutes after I had taken a pregnancy test. I was told my dad preferred my blonde hair just after I dyed it red. I was told that my dad was playing the role of “grandpa” to my three girls, whom he had never met. I was told that was proud of me…When people lose a loved one, they always say, “If I could just have one more day.” Natalie Young has given me that day. She has given me time with my dad that I no longer have here on earth. She has given me a hug from him without actually having the physical embrace. She has enabled me to open my heart to a world my eyes cannot see.” — Tracy Thomas

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