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The aura is the energy field that surrounds the body like a bubble. It is made up of four different parts: our emotions, spirit, mental state, and health. The aura reflects the inner self, and therefore it changes with changes in us, such as emotions and variations in our mental state. Chinese medicine has always linked body parts to various emotions. These emotions can manifest themselves as trauma, accidents, illness, or stress.
Clearing the aura means getting rid of negative energies and foreign vibrations that may be affecting your energy field. Cleansing the aura means you will be able to attract positive people and positive energies instead of negative ones. For some, aura cleansing means letting go of the past and being willing to move forward into the future. 

After the aura is cleansed, discovering the self through inner work and reflection will be easier. Your energy will be back in a positive flow. Healing can occur naturally and more easily.



Angel cards deliver messages from your angels. Verses tarot cards deliver messages from any spirit good or bad. Because Natalie is Christian she chooses to read angel cards. 

These readings can pick up on the past, present, near, and far future. This reading can Pick up on all matters of life the angles can go very in-depth can sometimes tell names,  dates, and places!

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